Deep roots with a wide view. To provide you with ever improving service, we have a large Group but we remain true to who we are, meeting your needs and supporting your projects.

The BPER Group was created in 1992 on the initiative of BPER Banca. The underlying objective was to create a federal entity, in which each Bank in the Group could take advantage of the synergies of a large Group, while maintaining operating autonomy and deep roots in the local areas.
Seriousness, transparency and professionalism are the core values that inspire the BPER Group’s “way of banking”, with the aim of favouring the savings of households and the resources of businesses in all scenarios, conceiving of lending as a tool for developing and promoting local areas.
The BPER Group today is a strong entity of four commercial Banks, all autonomous and well-established in their various areas of operation. In addition to the banks, the Group also includes numerous product companies (asset management, personal loans, leasing and factoring) and special purpose vehicles.
The BPER Group can also count on a sound network of partnerships and equity investments, including controlling stakes, in foreign financial institutions. Through specific “Italian desks”, these relationships provide effective operational support to all companies involved in internationalization processes.


An innovative, inclusive and sustainable economy.

With our goals clearly in mind we have been involved for some time in integrating Sustainability within our business model, in order to continue creating value for our customers, the environment and society.

We believe in an economy in which banks, market operators and investors know how to integrate social and environmental factors into their decision-making processes.

BPER Banca wants to continue offering the right solution for people’s requirements, in accordance with a transparent and coherent offer. All too often consumer perceive banks as being far removed from everyday challenges and problems. BPER Banca wants to dispel this view by continuing to engage in a dialogue, with a sincere and attentive approach.

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The 150 years of BPER Banca

To trace the history of BPER Banca, which is also that of the territory and of the entire country, an original method was chosen: the first illustrated book that applies visual history to the events of a bank and its territories. “150 years of values. Illustrated history of BPER Banca” is the title of the book by Paolo Battaglia, which presents over one thousand images from the archives of the Institute and of the banks that have joined the Group, as well as the historic archives of Fondazione Fotografia di Modena.
The anniversary will also remain forever engraved on the commemorative stamp issued by the Ministry of Economic Development, as part of the series “The excellences of the productive and economic system”, 150 years after the Bank’s foundation on 12 June. Lastly, in 2017, BPER Banca consolidated its presence alongside one of the most important literary prizes in Italy: this year the bank sponsors the 71st edition of the Premio Strega, as well as the Premio Strega Giovani and Premio Strega Ragazze e Ragazzi, which it has supported for several years.

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“La Galleria. Collezione e Archivio Storico”

On 2 December 2017, in Modena, “La Galleria Collezione e Archivio Storico”, a new cultural project of BPER Banca was opened to the public.

About 2,700 visitors registered in the first month of opening dedicated to the exhibition “Uno scrigno per l’arte”. The high number of visitors was a success for the art project promoted by BPER Banca that aims to enhance such an important asset in Italy.

The exhibition space, hosted at the Parent Company’s headquarters, had a favourable response from the city’s inhabitants who enthusiastically welcomed this dynamic project that aims to unveil over time the precious works of art held by the Bank.

After the first month of continuous opening to the public, the Galleria can be visited every first weekend of the month, including Friday, to continue giving visitors the opportunity to freely enjoy, at no cost, the most important masterpieces of BPER Banca’s antique paintings collection: Cristoforo Canozi da Lendinara, Guercino, Guido Reni and Lanfranco are just some of the main painters whose works are displayed in the Galleria and which are part of a corporate collection of great importance in the national scene. Alongside the Modenese collection, there are other important collections of painters from the Abruzzo, Neapolitan and Ferrara areas.

The Bank’s registered Historical Archive will also be displayed in the halls of the Via Scudari building in Modena, testifying not only the history of the bank, but also the region where it was founded in 1867.

Spurred by the desire to continue promoting and sharing this cultural heritage with the public, many events and exhibitions have been planned which will extend throughout the year, thereby consolidating the relationship between the Bank and the community. Guided tours for schools, associations, private individuals and tourist bodies will be offered on a continuing basis.

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