Background: About The Wolpertinger

The Wolpertinger Club is an association of university academics with a common interest in the economics of financial
systems and financial institutions. It began as a club of professors who shared these common interests and decided to meet
once a year to discuss their research, exchange ideas and develop ways to co-operate in the research and teaching of
banking, financial institutions and the economics of financial systems.
This club began in Bavaria (the Wolpertinger is a mythical Bavarian animal) and Professor Jack Revell (Cambridge and
Bangor) was the main driver of it. Other founder members:

  • Professor Jean-Paul Abraham (Namur and Leuven)
  • Professor Cesare Bisoni (Modena)
  • Professor Francesco Cesarini (Milan)
  • Professor Ted Gardener (Bangor)
  • Professor Marco Onado (Milan and Modena)
  • Professor Leo Schuster (Ingolstadt)

    The Wolpertinger Club has met once a year for a two-day conference for almost thirty years. This annual conference focuses

    on empirical research, policy issues and contemporary developments in financial systems. Each conference has a Jack
    Revell Session devoted to contemporary policy challenges and a session devoted to the exchange of teaching ideas and
    The Clubs official title is the European Association of University Teachers of Banking and Finance. The Management
    Committee is chaired by Professor Jon Williams (Bangor University). The conference is held in a different European location
    each year. The 2018 conference will be held in Modena, Italy.


    Wolpertinger History by Paola Vezzani (download file PDF)


    2018 Conference – Modena, Italy

    August, 29 th – September, 1st